Install F-Droid and add the Second Wind Repo to see our curated collection

Install F-Droid

To get the apps curated for Second Wind, first install F-Droid.
Scan the QR code above, download it from the F-Droid website, or get it from a friend if you're offline. For help with this, check out our video: Install F-Droid.

Add Second Wind

Scan the QR code above to add the repo to your F-Droid app. You can also add it by opening this link: Second Wind Apps. Be sure to have F-Droid installed first. For help with this, check out our video: F-Droid QR Repo Sharing.

Browse Apps

Once you've added the Second Wind repo, its curated collection of apps can be found in the 'Categories' view of F-Droid. If you don't see them, go to 'Settings' and turn off all other repos. This change will allow you to only see the Second Wind apps.